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Tuesday, November 26, 2002 12:15:06 PM
Mood: Tired

Some of my favorites:

I love It's such an amusing site. I especially like the section with Strong Bad's Email. It just cracks me up! Well done.

Another great site is It's a site about a guy who got laid off from his techy job and is looking for work while struggling with his desire to snack, watch Sponge Bob, and check out some boobs. The flash movies are great.

Some fun tests:

  • Female or Shemale? - I almost got this one perfect. But almost is just not close enough when it really counts, now is it?
  • Whose Butt? - Match the butt to the celebrity. I did horribly at this one.
  • Gender Test - The test is kind of long, but it claims to be able to determine your gender based on your answers. It's smart, interesting, amusing, and accurately pinned me as a guy!
Sunday, November 24, 2002 07:22:21 PM
Mood: Relaxed

Some fun links:

Leia Sniffs You
Leia Sniffs You!
Saturday, November 23, 2002 01:49:21 AM
Mood: Surprised

I can't believe Tito Ortiz dominated Ken Shamrock so badly in tonight's UFC Light Heavyweight Title fight. Vendetta was a cool event though, and I'm glad we ordered it.

I had my Hwa Rang Do red belt test today. The Grand Master attended and I heard that he's the one who scored my test! I think I did pretty well. :)

jason I'm still a long way from competing in the octagon. Maybe one day I'll make it there, but probably only by being in the corner of my boy Jason. He's training in Brazilian jiu jitsu and NHB under heavyweight champ Sean Alvarez. He says to give him 4 more years to train. Go Jason!

Tuesday, November 19, 2002 12:10:37 AM
Mood: Zoned Out
Some cool links

Last night was the Leonid meteor shower. I forgot about it, but I'm not kicking myself too hard because it was too cloudy to see them from New Jersey anyway. If you're interested in reading about the Leonids here are a couple good space links:

Some other random intriguing links: