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Wednesday, March 05, 2008 01:14:35 AM
Mood: Excited
Edge, WrestlingOracle, Brie, Spring Break Visit

edgeI got a Ford Edge! The lease on my Chevy Equinox expired so it was time to choose a new vehicle. I was considering the Nissan Murano, but in the end I felt the Edge was more my style. I just couldn't picture pulling my fishing boat behind a Murano. So far I'm really pleased with my decision. The Edge is beautiful, handles nicely, and has some really cool toys inside. Actually I got kind of lucky as far as the toys go, as I didn't list most of them among the options I had chosen originally. The way it works with a new car lease is that the dealer tries to sell you something from their stock, but if they don't have a match they try to find it in another dealer's stock. The closest match to the specs I wanted (in the right color, with a trailer hitch, etc.) also included an upgraded stereo and Microsoft Sync, which allows me to talk to my car and appear crazy to other drivers on the road. It's taking some getting used to, but it's a lot of fun. Suddenly working from home is a disadvantage. Now I have to creatively come up with places to go just to spend more time behind the wheel.

Tocci Ponders: Why do they call cars with all of the available options "Limited"? And no, I'm not buying the fact that they're only making a certain number of them. It's not as if they make an infinite number of the version with roll-up windows and no air conditioning.

WrestlingOracleAnnouncing the new and improved! I finally paid some much needed attention to my wrestling website and rebuilt it from the ground up with a sleek new look, just in time for WrestleMania. The site was very old, dated, and in desperate need of an overhaul. It was a perfect candidate to put my new php/xhtml web components through their paces. Predicting match results is still the focus of the site, but I added a host of new features including the ability to view past performances of the competitors and choose a match you are most sure of as "your lock" for a chance to win a bonus point. Even with all the customizations and new features I added, it only took about a week or two to complete, so I'm really happy with the way my components are paying dividends. Plus, the new site is ridiculously faster, which is always a nice bonus. If you're a wrestling fan, head over and check it out.

BrieWith all this big news, that things I would normally blog about are taking a backseat, but they're still definitely worth a mentioning. My best friend Chris got a new puppy - a French bulldog named Brie. She's about as big as a softball and as cute as can be. Why am I rhyming like Dr. Seuss all of the sudden?

Also my cousin Danielle and her boyfriend Tim are up from Georgia for their college spring break on a New York City sightseeing trip. It's funny how Jenny and I take things like the skyline for granted after living here for so long, but when we see them in awe over it it brings some of the majesty back.

Tocci Ponders: Why do the contestants who get kicked off of American Idol have to sing? Their performance got the fewest votes out of all the contestants. It's as if they're saying, "America, we know you hated this song the first time, so we're bringing it back so you can sit through it again. Only this time, she'll be crying and completely jaded while singing it."

[singing] I like to link on the edge-uh:

Wednesday, February 06, 2008 05:45:04 PM
Mood: Tired
Disenfranchised, Monitor, Chinese New Year

I decided to be a part of it and vote in the primary elections yesterday. I'm starting to feel slightly disenfranchised though, because I did the math and my vote in NJ was worth 0.008% of one delegate, after rounding up. However, there are 796 so-called "superdelegates" who are not pledged to vote for a candidate based on the popular vote, but free to vote for whoever they want. That means each of them has a vote that counts ten million times more than my vote. Ten freakin' million! I don't care if you invented politics. Nobody should have that much power. We have the ability to count every vote these days. Can't we get rid of delegates and the electoral college yet?

A Joke by Tocci:
Yo mama is so stupid, when her cardiologist told her she had acute angina she blushed and crossed her legs.

In other news, my monitor finally did arrive almost three weeks after I ordered it. It looks awesome, but it has its issues though. There's a built in USB hub but the genius who designed it hooked it up to the power switch of the monitor. So shen you turn off your monitor, all the attached USB devices get disconnected and you get the cocophony of "Da-dunk" noises that windows makes when you unplug a USB device. Needless to say I disconnected the USB cable from the monitor. I didn't need that feature anyway. It also has a really cool picture-in-picture feature, but it doesn't work with the two primary inputs - DVI and VGA. I thought I'd be able to get the output from two computers on the screen at once, but no such luck. Oh well. If the screen wasn't knock-your-socks-off awesome I'd be disappointed.

Tocci Ponders: Why don't people who say things tongue-in-cheek learn to enunciate? It's so hard to understand them when they talk like that.

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, the start of the year of the rat. I guess they ran out of cool animals. I wonder if they gave a year to the dragon before or after the rat. Which was more deserving, an imaginary animal or vermin?

Tocci Ponders: Why does the Discovery Kids channel have programming on at 4AM? Go to sleep, kid. It's a school night!

I smell links:

Friday, January 11, 2008 12:20:38 AM
Mood: Tired
2007 on the brain, Dell's Delivery Prowess

2007... I mean 8If you don't recognize the symbol, you've paid far more attention to dates than I have so far in 2007... I mean 8. This "sort of 8" is going to be on every check I write until at least February.

Tocci Ponders: Does 5 really mean "extremely dissatisfied" or does 1? And why can't all the survey makers out there come to an agreement about that?

I ordered a new monitor from Dell last week because mine has become blurry and it's out of warranty. I've been meaning to upgrade to a widescreen LCD anyway and now I need to because my eyes are buggin'! But Dell, for some reason, takes a million years to ship a monitor. It still hasn't shipped and their estimated ship date is 16 days after the order date. How long does it take to slap a shipping label on a box and call UPS? They could strap it to the back of a turtle and I'd get it in less time.

Random Thought: As far as computers go, the ultimate kick in the soft stuff just might be when opening the "save as" dialog box is the step that causes your computer to crash.

One link would get lonely, so here are two:

  • How many 5 year olds could you take in a fight? - This quiz cracked me up. Turns out I can handle 21 of those little suckers.
  • Google Image Labeler - This game is surprisingly fun. You get paired up with a random, anonymous person and have to come up with words to describe an image until you match one with your partner. You get points for each match and keep going until time runs out.
Sunday, January 06, 2008 08:42:57 AM
Mood: Happy

Merry New Year! It's time once again to copy and paste your unaccomplished resolutions from last year's list to this year's list. But this time, you mean it. May you have better luck in 2008.

The holiday season is now over and the majority of winter remains. Why must we start each year with 2-3 months of the coldest and most dreary days? Personally, I think we should push back all the winter holidays by 4 to 6 weeks. It would make winter more festive and enjoyable and kick off the new year with hopes of warmer and longer days. Of course we'll have to delay the start of the holiday season too. The last thing we need is an excuse to start playing Christmas music on the radio for an additional six weeks. If that happened I think I'd have to take a hostage, Airheads style.

Tocci Ponders: I was watching a show about the Filipino martial art Kali, a form of Filipino stick fighting, where they said it's the national sport of the Philippines. How did that happen? Talk about cultural differences! In America, we have national sports like baseball. Over there, they beat the living crap out of each other with sticks. Go, team!

I'm pretty excited about the presents I received this year. I got some cool clothes, Rayman's Raving Rabbids 2 for the Wii, some puzzles, and a few other items I had asked for. But mostly I'm looking forward to using my new fishing lures and fishfinder! Look out, largemouth. I'm comin' for ya. I wonder if the lake is frozen right now.

Tocci Ponders: Who came up with the noun "sweater"? That's kind of a disgusting word for a garment when you think about it. I suppose they can make you sweat, but that's why you shouldn't choose to wear them for jogging or going for a walk in Equador. I think they should be called something more appealing, like "warm-comfies".

Tocci Ponders: Why does one little hair inside your shirt itch like crazy, but a hairy chest or back doesn't itch at all?

A lot of other stuff has happened since my last blog entry but whenever I wait too long it always seems like none of it is blogworthy anymore. I'll have to keep on top of my blog better in 2008. I'll add that to my resolution list.

The best link list of the blog in 2008... so far...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 11:39:03 AM
Mood: Excited
The North Pole is Melting

The North Pole is MeltingToday's the day! Introducing my latest creation:

"The North Pole is Melting"

This one is a musical animation where Santa's elf sings about the perils of global warming and his fears of Santa's workshop at the North Pole falling into the drink.

The link above goes to a launch page with lyrics, mp3s, and of course a link to the animation itself. If you don't care about all that extra stuff, you can go directly to the animation. I hope you enjoy it.