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Thursday, November 29, 2007 04:04:24 AM
Mood: Energized
Thanksgiving, New Tocci Creation,

The last time I wrote anything was before Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a nice one and stuffed themselves more than their respective turkeys. I know I did. My mother and sister cooked up a feast for about 20 people, and there were only 6 of us there. It was a milestone for me as it was the first year I was put in charge of cutting the turkey. I must say I think I did a fine job.

News Break: Tocci's Creations are Back!
santa and his elfYes, Tocci is back on the flash scene with a Christmassy vengeance. Launching December 4th, you can check out my latest musical short exclusively on atomfilms for the month of December. It's the first musical animation I've made since Going Broke on Gasoline back in June of 2006, although I did make the Britney Wigged Out game back in February of this year. I'll post the link next Tuesday. Stay tuned.

Tocci ponders: Why is Christmas the only time an x is ever used in place of Christ (often controversially) to shorten a word? People who celebrate the holiday are never referred to as xians. I may have to ask my friend xopher about this.

In other news, has been hopping since Nintendo released their new Check Mii Out channel on the Wii. There are nearly 400 miis in the database which collectively have been rated over 25,000 times. Gotta love the mii rater! The ratings are really useful because they help the best looking miis float to the top of their categories and search results. As of this moment, the top rated miis on the site are Mario, Jack Black, Larry King, Walker Texas Ranger, and Mythbuster Adam Savage. The site is a lot of fun but maintenance is starting to take its toll on me. I wish there were some volunteer mii enthusiasts out there with Wiis, Bluetooth enabled computers, video capture cards, and Photoshop. Yeah that'll happen... I might as well be looking for pixies with fairy dust or genies trapped in bottles because that's the only way I'll get my wish.

Tocci Ponders: Why are water filters starting to come out with "flavor options"? Sure, let's filter out all the chemicals from your water and then add some just before you drink it.

I'm starting to get in the holiday spirit and even put up a few decorations today. Here are a few links to hang from your mantle:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007 02:08:50 AM
Mood: Festive
Happy Halloween

pumpkinsNo costume this year, but I did pick up a couple of pumpkins to carve. Jenny and I had a lot of fun the other day carving these messy little suckers. pumpkin seedsI made the goofy jack-o-lantern and Jenny made the glowing spider. (Photos on Flickr) I salvaged all the seeds and I'm going to attempt to roast them. Apparently you can season them all kinds of ways.

Tocci Ponders: On holidays, we can carve faces into pumpkins, string lights on pine trees, dip eggs in dye, etc. and no one seems to think it's crazy because everyone does it. But when you find yourself carving faces into cantaloupes on Labor Day and draping tinsel on your hedges for the 4th of July you're officially nuts.

In other news, my cousin Diane is getting married on Saturday. Congratulations Diane and Damian! Then, on Sunday, I turn 100,000 years old in binary. That's 25 (or 32 for you normal people). This year, they've decided that my birthday is so important they're making it 25 hours long! I'm trying to decide what to do that day. I don't want a party or anything. I think I want to go fishing.

Tocci Ponders: Why is the phrase "with all due respect" always followed by something completely disrespecful and insulting?

Link or Treat! Oh... We're all out of treats.

Friday, October 26, 2007 06:01:43 PM
Mood: Excited
New Phone, New House, New Kitty Playmate

tiltI finally got a new phone! I had my old Sony Ericsson since camera phones were first hitting the scene, but times have changed and it was way out of date. Time for an upgrade! I was thinking of getting the iPhone because of it's slick interface, but there were too many missing features. After a long search, I found the AT&T Tilt (a.k.a. the HTC Kaiser) with its slide out qwerty keyboard, built-in GPS, and a gazillion apps already available for its Windows Mobile operating system. It's a phone, 3 megapixel camera, blackberry, iPod, dictaphone, and handheld navigation system all rolled into one. Basically it does everything and I can't seem to put it down.

Tocci Ponders: Why do so many people who use the expression "on and on" extend it so it goes on and on and on and on and on?

Congratulations to my mother and sister who are moving into their new place this weekend. houseWe were there last weekend to help paint and I snapped this photo (yes, with my new phone) of the cute little house. We're returning there this weekend to help with the move and return their little terror of a cat, Marley.

Tocci Ponders: Why is it that no matter how well you wash your hands after painting, you always find paint somewhere on your hands and arms hours later?

catsWe were cat-sitting Marley all week and Leia was not too happy about it, at least not at first. The first night was all hissing and hiding, for Leia. Marley, the kitten, couldn't care less. She was bouncing around the house having a great time. Now they're more or less friends. Marley, the friskiest cat ever, torments Leia nonstop and Leia tolerates her as best as she can. (Photos on Flickr) Every once in a while Leia will give her a good smack to put her in her place. Gotta keep that pimp hand strong.

Tocci Ponders: If you take a nap during the day and have a bad dream, is it called a daymare? Since when did "mare" mean "dream" anyway? A nightmare sounds more like a majestic female horse, galloping through the darkness.

Links to pounce on:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 11:18:57 AM
Mood: Spent
Hwa Rang Do Weekend, Meeting Marley

This past weekend was full of martial arts goodness. Friday night was spent doing the last minute preparations for Saturday's Hwa Rang Do tournament, the 20th annual Battle of the Orient. In the words of Borat, the tournament was "great success". I designed a computerized registration system which allowed us to organize all the competitors and print out score sheets for each event. We had twice as many competitors as last year but managed to finish two hours earlier. I'll try to get a generic demo of the system online eventually.

On Sunday, Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his son, Chief Master Tae-Joon Lee held a two-part seminar on healing and grappling respectively. Me and Tae-JoonTae-Joon used me as his demonstration partner (a.k.a. grappling dummy), so needless to say it was a painful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Despite the battle scars, I loved every minute of it and learned a lot. The photo here is Tae-Joon Lee and me at the dinner held after the seminar.

Nick Laing came up from Florida for the events and stayed with Jenny and me. Amidst our other activities and obligations, we played some Wii with Cadena, took in the latest episode of South Park and modeled our vocabulary after it, and once again found ourselves at the local Korean bar with a 3000cc mini-keg in front of us. I don't know why I turn into such a lush when he's around, but it's always a good time.

Tocci Ponders: How is it possible that everything made on cooking shows tastes orgasmically delicious? Just once I want to see the chef take a taste at the end of the show and say, "Hmm. This is pretty terrible actually. Forget everything I just said and order yourself a pizza. See you next time, folks!"

MarleyOn Monday Jenny and I visited my mother and Mandy. They got an adorable new kitten named Marley, who I'm pretty sure was smoking crack before we arrived. We brought her a toy that she absolutely loved and attacked incessantly. She's also quite photogenic. Photos on flickr.

Congratulations to my cousin Greg and his bride Selena who were married in the Florida Keys this weekend. I hope your wedding was as wonderful as ours. Sorry we couldn't be there.

I now pronounce these Tocci's Links:

Thursday, October 04, 2007 03:53:09 AM
Mood: Quirky
Fire Drill, DigitalLife, Chris's New Apartment, Cats

jacked fire extinguisherThe other day I smelled something burning and couldn't find the source. (In retrospect I'm pretty sure an unlucky bug found its way into my halogen lamp.) I decided to play it safe and get my fire extinguisher for the first time since I attached it to the wall in our closet years ago. Thankfully it wasn't a real fire, because I had a hell of a time figuring out how to take it off the wall mount. There was a confusing strap on it stuck to the clasp until you lift up on it. So today I held a mini fire drill for my wife, who graciously humored my request. "Fire drill," I said with anticipation. "I'm timing you. Get the fire extinguisher as fast as you can!" Well Jenny jumped up and ran over to the fire extinguisher. I thought she might have the same problem I did with the strap, but she impressively figured it out in a few seconds. Within 15 seconds she was standing in front of me with the fire extinguisher, and attached to it: the wall mount, the screws that held it to the wall, and a good amount of drywall still adhering to the screws. Well... I guess if there was a real fire the holes in the wall would be worth it. Time to get some mollies and remount that sucker.

A Kid's Joke by Tocci:
A trapezoid is waiting for the bus. The rectangle bus pulls up. The trapezoid gets on and goes to school.
The next day the the trapezoid is waiting for the bus. The rectangle bus pulls up. The trapezoid gets on and goes to school.
The next day the trapezoid is waiting for the bus. The bus pulls up, but it's shorter and a little skewed. The trapezoid gets on anyway and asks, "Does this bus go to school?" The bus driver says, "No! You're on the rhom-bus!"

On Sunday Jenny and I went to the DigitalLife event at the Javitz Center in NYC. Props to Frankie for hooking us up. I got to play with the unreleased phone from AT&T I've been pining for, but it fell a little short of my expectations... mainly because the mini version of Internet Explorer was such a crappy browser. I could always install Opera Mini though, which is really cool. They also had a lot of gaming there, including a Wii with Mario Strikers in it. Needless to say I mopped the floor with some unsuspecting young man.

Tocci Ponders: Why is the "&T" still in the name of the company AT&T? When is the last time you used a telegraph? When is the last time you saw a telegraph. Maybe I'll just call them AT from now on.

After the DigitalLife event, we headed to the financial district to check out Chris's new apartment, which was very nice. He's living with two girls like Jack in Three's Company. I'm waiting for the phone call where he tells me they poured a bowl of spaghetti over his head due to some misinterpreted double entendre. While visiting him we walked to the South Street Seaport and happened to see a biker gang go by, but they weren't on motorcycles. Instead they had tricked out bicycles made to look like motorcycles, complete with loud music blasting, Puerto Rican flags, etc. You kind of forget how high gas prices have climbed until you see a biker gang pedal by.

Tocci Ponders: Who wears the pants? Mother Nature or Father Time? And why is time masculine and nature feminine anyway?

homeless catsIn other news, my mom and sister just got a new kitten named Marley. I'm looking forward to meeting her and when I do I'll try to remember to post a photo or two. Speaking of cats, there are anywhere from 6-12 cute little strays who hang out by my gym. I've tried contacting the local animal shelter, ASPCA, and health department but so far nobody has done anything about it. If anyone wants to adopt one, I'll try to snatch one up for ya. They're so cute. Here's a picture of two of them eating.

Oh, the places you'll go (if you click that is...):