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Thursday, December 18, 2008 08:47:14 PM
Mood: Spent
Bush's Shoe Dodge

Bush's Shoe DodgeIn case you've been under a rock, this past Sunday President Bush was at a press conference in Iraq as part of a surprise visit to the war torn country when an Iraqi reporter stood up and threw both of his shoes at Bush's head, one after the other. There's video and write-ups all over the web about it. I was out shopping when I got an email on my phone from my main man over at, Peter Ignacio. Ever with his finger on the pulse, he knew that if ever there was a situation that called for a game to be made, this was it. Apparently others had the same idea and games have been popping up all over the Internet in the past few days. It took me until today to finish mine, so I now proudly present Bush's Shoe Dodge!

My game differs from the others I've seen in that you control Bush and not the shoe-throwing reporter. The goal is to dodge as many shoes as possible as the reporter hurls them at you faster and faster until you eventually catch three in the noggin and the game ends. Losing is half the fun actually.

Incidentally, Bush's reaction time was quite impressive at the press conference. It would have been even better if he caught one of the shoes. And it would be better than that if he had thrown it back at the reporter... and missed... and hit an old lady sitting next to him. Now THAT would have been priceless.

Thursday, December 11, 2008 02:59:28 PM
Mood: Content
Site Renovations

You may have noticed I've made some updates to the site recently. I'm in the process of converting my old ASP pages into my PHP components. There aren't a lot of visible changes, as most of the benefits are behind the scenes, but some noticeable enhancements include:

  • Tocci's Polls are now AJAX enabled. No more refreshing the whole page when you cast your vote. There's one on the home page, or head over to the polls page and have a ball.
  • The random quote at the top of the homepage also uses AJAX and should now show a new random quote when you click it.
  • The TV has been replaced (again) by a little Flash scroller thingy powered by Actionscript 3 and XML. It's a lot more flexible and allows me to include little animated effects for each feature. For the complete list of creations, visit the new creations page.
  • TocciOnline is now valid XHTML strict! What does that mean for you? Pretty much nothing, but it's really cool to me and maybe a few other web developers out there so it's worth mentioning.

Three Mile IslandThis is also my first post with my newly coded blogging interface as well, so hopefully it all goes well. If you can read this, I guess it did. I might as well test out an image while I'm at it. The thumbnail here is Three Mile Island as seen from an outlet mall in Limerick, PA. We did a little shopping with Diane and Damian this past weekend, and were amazed to see the massive cooling towers from the parking lot. If you click it, it should show you an enlarged version using the spiffy lightbox script.

If I were a carny, this would be my Lizink Lizist:

  • XBox 360 Funeral
  • There isn't a solution for drunk dialing problems yet, but Gmail's mail goggles can help you drunk emailers out there.
  • Kittenwar - A battle for cuteness. And incidentally, not a bad place to go if you're looking for cat names.
Sunday, November 09, 2008 11:17:18 PM
Mood: Relaxed
Dad's Bass, Election Birthday, Facebook

LunkerLast Friday was unseasonably warm so I did a little bass fishing with my dad. Our expectations were low since I had been skunked in my previous two outings, but that set the stage for what turned out to be a great day on the lake. We both caught some nice fish, the highlight being Dad's lunker weighing in at nearly four pounds. All fish were released as usual. I hope we get another warm day because I can't wait to get out there again.

Tocci Ponders: When you're a teenager, why is it cooler to ride in the front seat of a car but the back seat of a bus? Nobody's ever yelled "shotgun" on a school bus. Even as an adult it is cooler to ride in the front of the family sedan but the back of a limo.

I turned 33 on Election Day and the voting public gave me just what I wanted: a brand new President. I'm excited for the Obama presidency and hope it goes well. I certainly don't envy him for the task ahead, with the economy in a downward spiral. But situations such as these provide an opportunity for heroism. We'll see if Obama has it in him. Regardless, I hope I can find some material to have some fun with in the next four years. W may not have been a popular President, but he was comedic gold.

Random Thought: The field of Martial Arts instruction is one of the only professional fields where people refer to you as "Master" when you're at work. That alone makes the job kick ass.

A couple weeks ago, I finally gave in to the peer pressure and joined Facebook. I'm not antisocial, but for the longest time I was antisocial-networking. Since I've always had my own site, I never had a need for anything like a MySpace page. But I heard Facebook was different, and after three people in the same week asked me if I had a Facebook profile, I had to give it a try to see what all the buzz is about. Now kids, cover your ears, because f&ck do I hate that site. It makes my skin crawl and yet it's strangely addictive at the same time. While it's great for reconnecting with people I haven't seen in a decade or two, for every long lost friend I find there are two long lost A-holes that I had hoped never to see again popping up in the sidebars of almost every page. (Facebook is a relentless friend pimp.) But despite it's shortcomings, it is a step in the right direction from MySpace. I have yet to be bombarded with crappy music on flashing pages, and I can get a sense of what people are up to. I'm going to stick with it for at least a little while. It will be good to learn more about how it works so I can design my sites to work better with all the social networks out there.

Random Thought: Halloween teaches children that blackmail is OK as long as you limit your payoff to miniature candy bars.

Yesterday I learned that I am a horrible drummer... way worse than I had thought. My immediate family came up for a belated birthday visit. We did the usual cake and song and went to dinner at La Vecchia Napoli, one of our favorite little Italian places. One of the gifts I received was Wii Music, a cool new game. At first I thought it was too easy until I started up the drum mode. I never knew how uncoordinated I am. I can't seem to move more than two limbs at the same time to any semblance of a rhythm. I guess I need to practice.

Tocci's link list starts immediately after the sentence you are currently reading.

  • Some of these vanity license plates are really creative.
  • Just in case you really want to look like an anime character...
  • Taskbar Shuffle - I like to be able to quickly find programs on my Windows taskbar, so I used to open programs in a certain order after rebooting. Now I just drag the little boxes around. Why this isn't built into Windows, I have no idea.
  • This link is a little overdue but these pumpkin carvings are still worth checking out. Thanks, Mom.
  • Dickipedia - It's kind of like Wikipedia. Gotta love the logo.
  • Font Conference - If you're familiar with your typefaces, this one is pretty amusing. Mailbox!
Wednesday, October 22, 2008 11:46:02 PM
Mood: Festive
Halloween Pumpkins

Glowing PumpkinsThis past Monday my mother visited with Jenny and I for an evening of pumpkin carving. We had to top last year's pumpkins and I think we did just that. They turned out great, but since we all carved parts of the pumpkin wall thin so as to be translucent, they're already puckering and probably won't make it to see the 31st. Oh well. The owl on the top left is Jenny's. Mom's is the ghost behind the fence on the top right. Mine is the two ghosts in front of the spooky tree on the bottom. Once again I roasted the seeds using this recipe and they turned out delicious.

Tocci Ponders: In the Halloween costume stores, why are female costumes smaller for adults than they are for children? It's like they just take whatever the little girls dress up as and make it extra provocative. Presto! It's an adult costume. Little girls are cats, so big girls are sex kittens. Little girls are angels, so big girls are... well... slutty angels. I'm not complaining, mind you... I'm just sayin'.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist if Tocci's links are right for you:
(Thanks to Chris, Julia, and Nong respectively for the links.)

  • I'm running for President - Make sure you watch the video too.
  • Your monitor is dirty. Let this pug clean it.
  • Pandora - I highly recommend checking out this amazing online radio station. As it plays songs for you, it learns your likes and dislikes and customizes its playlist to your personal taste. It's a really great service and it's free.
Monday, October 13, 2008 01:31:41 PM
Mood: Excited
Hunting With Palin

hunting with palinToday I'm proud to announce the launch of Hunting with Palin. Head out to the Alaskan wilderness and rustle up some moose burgers and caribou steaks. At the same time, keep the wolf population under control and defend Alaska's narrow maritime border with Russia. It's all in the hands of Sarah Palin and her trusty rifle. I've only made one Flash game in the past, Britney Wigged Out, but this one was my first foray into Actionscript 3. It was fun to make and I look forward to more games in the future.