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Tuesday, December 17, 2002 02:03:25 AM
Mood: Mellow
xmas is done, man

I'm happy to report that the last xmas gift has arrived from and has now been successfully wrapped. Now I can enjoy the rest of the holiday season stress-free.

In other news, had another successful pay-per-view event this past Sunday night. The Tocc actually tied for HeavyWeight Champ for a change. Thanks go out to the other Oracles that shared their predictions.

OK that's enough. Here are the obligatory links:

  • Metaspy Exposed shows you what others are searching for on
  • Feeling lucky? See what you can find at a random URL.
  • Check out the Cyborger, where I learned TOCCI stands for "Technician Optimized for Calculation and Ceaseless Infiltration"
  • This is the trippiest flash animation on the web (that I've ever seen, anyway). It gets super-surreal about two minutes in. One warning: it's pretty long.
  • Booby Trap - crazy, artsy, black and white, flash version of choose-your-own-adventure.
  • Play Roadies. It's actually pretty fun. If you're into these online games, some of my favorites can be found on my links page.