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Wednesday, October 31, 2007 02:08:50 AM
Mood: Festive
Happy Halloween

pumpkinsNo costume this year, but I did pick up a couple of pumpkins to carve. Jenny and I had a lot of fun the other day carving these messy little suckers. pumpkin seedsI made the goofy jack-o-lantern and Jenny made the glowing spider. (Photos on Flickr) I salvaged all the seeds and I'm going to attempt to roast them. Apparently you can season them all kinds of ways.

Tocci Ponders: On holidays, we can carve faces into pumpkins, string lights on pine trees, dip eggs in dye, etc. and no one seems to think it's crazy because everyone does it. But when you find yourself carving faces into cantaloupes on Labor Day and draping tinsel on your hedges for the 4th of July you're officially nuts.

In other news, my cousin Diane is getting married on Saturday. Congratulations Diane and Damian! Then, on Sunday, I turn 100,000 years old in binary. That's 25 (or 32 for you normal people). This year, they've decided that my birthday is so important they're making it 25 hours long! I'm trying to decide what to do that day. I don't want a party or anything. I think I want to go fishing.

Tocci Ponders: Why is the phrase "with all due respect" always followed by something completely disrespecful and insulting?

Link or Treat! Oh... We're all out of treats.