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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 01:23:23 AM
Mood: Happy
WWE Monday Night Raw

us at WWE RawWe went to see WWE Monday Night Raw tonight! It was a really cool experience and Jenny and I had a lot of fun. The photo here is a shot from USA's broadcast at around the 2 hour mark, just before Triple H superplexes Randy Orton from the ropes in the WWE Championship match at the end of the episode. In the storyline, the general manager and newly crowned King of the Ring William Regal felt disrespected by the fans, so he went to the show's control room and took the broadcast off the air before the conclusion of the match, leaving the people at home hanging. Watching the show back at home on my DVR, it seemed like the match continued in the arena, but it didn't. Regal came out to the stage and announced to all of us that he was ending the match without a winner. Triple H didn't like that too much, so he went after Randy Orton anyway and gave him his finisher, the Pedigree. Then there was much rejoicing.