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Friday, May 09, 2008 11:28:33 PM
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A Country Adventure

Roselawn HouseJenny and I left last Friday for a long weekend in Keysville, Virginia at the Roselawn Bed & Breakfast, a beautiful house and property owned and operated by my Uncle Paul, Aunt Sherry, and cousin Kiara Robleto. The place is gorgeous and we had a great time outside in the country on our eventful but relaxing mini-vacation. Here are some highlights.

Prior to our arrival, the Robletos rescued three kittens which they found abandoned in the enclosure with their goats and chickens. We spent our first night hanging out on the porch playing with them. Brother and Sister The female was already spoken for when we arrived, so she spent the whole weekend with us waiting to be picked up, but the other two needed homes so we set out for a nearby festival with a little "free kittens" sign. Within 10 minutes of getting there, we were already getting in trouble for the sign and for having pets on the premises, but we also had already found homes for both of the little boys so it didn't matter.

Tocci Ponders: During our trip, we went antique shopping and visited a gift shop or two. But what exactly is a gift shop? Any shop that sells things can be a gift shop if you think about it. By identifying the items as solely gifts they're really saying, "Here's a bunch of stuff that you don't want, but maybe you think someone else might want to throw out in a few years."

In an unexpected turn of events, my truck started making a thumping sound like all the wheels were out of balance on the way down about an hour from the B&B. It turned out that a bushing in the drive shaft went bad and the whole drive shaft had to be replaced. Luckily the only car dealer within 20 miles or so was a Ford dealer and it was a warranty repair. Unfortunately I was left without a vehicle for a couple days until I rented a ford focus (which I dubbed our "dream boat"). Paul and Sherry were having some car trouble too, so consequently we each got the chance to ride in the back of their pickup truck! I don't think a true southern experience is complete without drinking beer in the back of a moving pickup truck.

Tocci Ponders: Why do so many sentences in the South end with the word "now"? "Y'all had enough to eat now?" "You take care now." "Are these kittens free now?"

Kiara and Jenny BoatingThe weather was great for our entire trip. We spent a lot of time outside on the porch and playing with the local kids in the grass. On Sunday we visited Sherry's mother Marion, who lives in an even more rural area with her own private pond and four wheelers on her 40 acres of property. What a great day! I caught more bass than I could count. Jenny landed the biggest fish of the day, weighing in at about three pounds.

More photos on flickr.

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