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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 11:46:02 PM
Mood: Festive
Halloween Pumpkins

Glowing PumpkinsThis past Monday my mother visited with Jenny and I for an evening of pumpkin carving. We had to top last year's pumpkins and I think we did just that. They turned out great, but since we all carved parts of the pumpkin wall thin so as to be translucent, they're already puckering and probably won't make it to see the 31st. Oh well. The owl on the top left is Jenny's. Mom's is the ghost behind the fence on the top right. Mine is the two ghosts in front of the spooky tree on the bottom. Once again I roasted the seeds using this recipe and they turned out delicious.

Tocci Ponders: In the Halloween costume stores, why are female costumes smaller for adults than they are for children? It's like they just take whatever the little girls dress up as and make it extra provocative. Presto! It's an adult costume. Little girls are cats, so big girls are sex kittens. Little girls are angels, so big girls are... well... slutty angels. I'm not complaining, mind you... I'm just sayin'.

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