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Thursday, December 11, 2008 02:59:28 PM
Mood: Content
Site Renovations

You may have noticed I've made some updates to the site recently. I'm in the process of converting my old ASP pages into my PHP components. There aren't a lot of visible changes, as most of the benefits are behind the scenes, but some noticeable enhancements include:

  • Tocci's Polls are now AJAX enabled. No more refreshing the whole page when you cast your vote. There's one on the home page, or head over to the polls page and have a ball.
  • The random quote at the top of the homepage also uses AJAX and should now show a new random quote when you click it.
  • The TV has been replaced (again) by a little Flash scroller thingy powered by Actionscript 3 and XML. It's a lot more flexible and allows me to include little animated effects for each feature. For the complete list of creations, visit the new creations page.
  • TocciOnline is now valid XHTML strict! What does that mean for you? Pretty much nothing, but it's really cool to me and maybe a few other web developers out there so it's worth mentioning.

Three Mile IslandThis is also my first post with my newly coded blogging interface as well, so hopefully it all goes well. If you can read this, I guess it did. I might as well test out an image while I'm at it. The thumbnail here is Three Mile Island as seen from an outlet mall in Limerick, PA. We did a little shopping with Diane and Damian this past weekend, and were amazed to see the massive cooling towers from the parking lot. If you click it, it should show you an enlarged version using the spiffy lightbox script.

If I were a carny, this would be my Lizink Lizist:

  • XBox 360 Funeral
  • There isn't a solution for drunk dialing problems yet, but Gmail's mail goggles can help you drunk emailers out there.
  • Kittenwar - A battle for cuteness. And incidentally, not a bad place to go if you're looking for cat names.