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Thursday, December 18, 2008 08:47:14 PM
Mood: Spent
Bush's Shoe Dodge

Bush's Shoe DodgeIn case you've been under a rock, this past Sunday President Bush was at a press conference in Iraq as part of a surprise visit to the war torn country when an Iraqi reporter stood up and threw both of his shoes at Bush's head, one after the other. There's video and write-ups all over the web about it. I was out shopping when I got an email on my phone from my main man over at, Peter Ignacio. Ever with his finger on the pulse, he knew that if ever there was a situation that called for a game to be made, this was it. Apparently others had the same idea and games have been popping up all over the Internet in the past few days. It took me until today to finish mine, so I now proudly present Bush's Shoe Dodge!

My game differs from the others I've seen in that you control Bush and not the shoe-throwing reporter. The goal is to dodge as many shoes as possible as the reporter hurls them at you faster and faster until you eventually catch three in the noggin and the game ends. Losing is half the fun actually.

Incidentally, Bush's reaction time was quite impressive at the press conference. It would have been even better if he caught one of the shoes. And it would be better than that if he had thrown it back at the reporter... and missed... and hit an old lady sitting next to him. Now THAT would have been priceless.