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Thursday, January 08, 2009 11:04:56 PM
Mood: Aggravated
Feline Puke Fest 09

Leia x-ray frontLeia x-ray sideThis is the inside of my cat Leia. Last Saturday night she had an all-night vomit party and was straining to poo.  Nothing could go in or out and she was hunched over, obviously uncomfortable. At 6AM we took her to the emergency veterinary hospital where they poked, prodded, reemed, and flushed her.  $500 later, they still couldn't find what was wrong with her, but during the enema they gave her a few balls of poo came out which apparently made her a lot more comfortable. I put a cap on the vet bill by taking her home with plans to monitor her and bring her to our regular vet on Monday should her symptoms persist. Long story short, she was better by Monday. Apparently she was having some trouble passing a hairball or something. In the end, I got no sleep, had to cancel our Sunday plans, and had to part with $500... but at least the cat is healthy again. And hey, check out these snazzy x-rays!