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Friday, January 09, 2009 03:12:35 AM
Mood: Irate

I had a terrible experience with my (former) web host today so I'd like to post a review. I had a good run with them over the past four years, mostly while it was under the ownership of a guy named David.  Sure, their services such as a help desk, live chat support, and live phone support all gradually disappeared, but David's personal attention made up for that. And sure, their little servers couldn't handle much bandwidth, but moving images to flickr and flash to kizash made up for that shortcoming. However, today I experienced a problem with my email accounts where my catch-all address was disabled without warning. This caused me to lose days of emails from countless contacts. (If I haven 't replied to you recently, that's why.)

Once I realized what was happening, I emailed David to get the problem fixed ASAP and he informed me that a new owner named Fran had disabled the catch-all feature without notifying me. Impatient and still losing email, I asked David if I should wait for a response from Fran or just move my email to another solution. Fran took this very personally and responded with:

I will make you a deal.

You can answer the phone at 5:00am next time the server is off line being hammered by a DDOS spam dictionary attack because someone has to have every piece of misdirected mail and I will allow your catchall's.

They are not going to be allowed and I wish you luck at your new web host.

Please let us know when you are done with the web content.

I was only going to move my mail to a new solution, not my web hosting account, but after this extremely unprofessional correspondence I told her that I would be closing my account that night. She wasted absolutely no time in locking me out of my account, isolating me from all of my data and stats. (Luckily I had backups.)  I guess she got the last laugh... except if this blog entry makes it to the first page of google results when someone searches for cityhost web hosting reviews. :-) Oh, and judging by her email address Fran also runs, which apparently owns, so be warned for all three hosts.

Anyway as you can see it didn't take long to get up and running again. Tocci is back in business.