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Friday, March 06, 2009 03:15:36 PM
Mood: Happy
Fishing Expo

Alton Jones - 2008 Bassmaster Classic Championshaking hands with Alton JonesYesterday, I met Alton Jones at the World Fishing and Outdoor Expo in Suffern, NY. Alton is a professional bass angler and the winner of the 2008 Bassmaster Classic, the Superbowl of pro bass fishing. I've seen him on TV many times, watched his video clips, and read his articles, so it was a real treat to meet him and shake his hand. I'm hoping some of his fish-catching mojo rubbed off on me.

Overall the fishing expo was a good time. Chris and I wandered around for a couple of hours amongst countless guys with long beards wearing camouflage. We browsed the stands, bought some hard-to-find tackle, and watched a reptile show where a guy who was apparently nuttier than squirrel crap played with poisonous snakes and aligators. Photos on flickr.

Random thought: Being cool is a catch 22. You may want to be cool, but anyone who thinks they're cool is not cool, and anyone who tries to be cool is not cool. So basically, you can only be cool if it's not on purpose and if you don't know about it.

Some not cool links:
(Or maybe they are. I don't know. If they are I didn't mean it.)