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Wednesday, September 02, 2009 11:40:49 AM
Mood: Content
Just an update...

Things at the Tocci house are going well. We're still painting and unpacking, but little by little it's all getting done. A month or so ago we had another water issue in our basement - this time because the drain pipe for the condensation from the AC unit was clogged. I ran a new one with PVC, which as it turns out is like playing with gigantic set of toy building straws or tinkertoys. I also got some water alarms so we'll know right away if something else leaks (not sure what else could leak at this point). 3858647896_a10a790abd_t My garden produced a ton of cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, and we're just now getting eggplants. The tomato shown here was particularly interesting. I call it the horny tomato... because of the horn... sorta...

Random Thought: Costco and these other wholesale places are interesting. They always have food samples, but if you like the food your only option is to buy the quantities they sell. It's like, "Hey, do you like that french fry? Good! Here's a 20 pound bag of 'em."

We've really gotten a lot of use out of our pool - more than I had thought. We had a few mini pool parties and I taught Jenny to dive. It's so refreshing to jump in when it's 90 degrees and humid. This week it's a bit cold though. It's going to be a sad day when we have to cover it for the winter.

Tocci Ponders: If fat people swim naked, is it still skinny dipping?

I took a test for the first time in like 10 years last month. It was the NJ Boater's Safety exam which is now required of all boaters who use any kind of motor.  Since my fishing boat has a trolling motor, I was included. Apparently I've still got it though, because as we used to say in college, "I pissed on it". That means I did really well. I think I got two wrong and those questions were about feuling a boat and fire extinguishers on a huge vessel - things that have nothing to do with the kind of boating I do anyway.

Random Thought: Headbands are not cool. Jimi Hendrix is cool. Jimi Hendrix wears a headband, and yet he is still cool. Ergo, Jimi Hendrix is cooler than headbands are uncool.

3880826179_b350bf918e_tThe other day I was pulling weeds in my backyard and I discovered some mysterious eggs behind one of our border trees. They look like chicken eggs but there are obviously no chickens around here. They're on the ground, half buried, so I don't think they're from a bird. I'm guessing they're from a snake? Maybe a platypus? WTF?

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