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Wednesday, December 02, 2009 06:52:38 PM
Mood: Cheerful
Fire, Cat Food, Xmas Lights

fireNot unlike the Prodigy, I'm a fire starter. We lit our first fire in our fireplace the other day. It was just a duraflame log, but it counts. I can totally see this turning into a habit. In fact I've lit one every night since and today I picked up some legitimate wood. If it burns well I'll get a half of a cord from the same people.

The other day I had to find a new cat food for Leia (because she's been boycotting one of the brands we give her) and I couldn't believe the ingredients they were bragging about on the labels. Things like "made with real chicken and brown rice." or "only the finest ingredients like chicken, carrots, and cranberries" Now, obviously I can understand the chicken part, because cats love chicken. But WTF is up with the rice and veggies? Why would that be good for a carnivore? I for one have never seen a wild cat on the Discovery channel chomping away at a corn on the cob. Cheetahs do not stalk celery (see what I did with that?). And you can bet your ass that if a tiger makes his way into a rice paddy, he's probably looking for farmers. There's apparently an entire science behind pet food that I am completely ignorant about.

Tocci Ponders: After thousands of years of fur ball problems, why haven't cats evolved digestible hair?

We started decorating the house for xmas. So far we've just got candles in the windows, but we have some lighting plans. Photos to come...

Tocci Ponders: If Santa sees me when I'm sleeping, how come he's not considered a peeping tom? I guess the authorities look the other way. Makes sense. They look the other way for the breaking and entering too.

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