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The Governator is taking on California's budget crisis in his own special way... utter destruction. Help Arnold destroy invoices before they deplete the California budget.

How To Play

Game Play

  • Shoot the falling invoices by clicking them with your mouse.
  • If an invoice hits the bottom of the screen, it will be subtracted from the budget.
  • Launch an I.O.U. grenade with the space bar to blow up all of the invoices on the screen.
  • Once the budget is depleted, it's game over.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to shoot the smallest invoices with a higher priority. They'll deplete the budget faster if they get past you.
  • Use the I.O.U. grenades when the screen is full of invoices. You'll get points for each one that explodes.
  • Shoot 100 invoices and get a bonus I.O.U. grenade!

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