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About the Game

The amazing survival story of Flight 1549 at your fingertips. Pilot the Airbus A320, avoid the geese, and land the plane safely. Be a hero!

How To Play


  • Pilot the plane by using the arrow keys, keeping the engines away from the geese.
  • A bird strike will occur if a goose gets too close to an engine, causing that engine to be lost.
  • The longer you fly, the more points you'll score.
  • Once both engines are lost, you'll have to make a controlled splashdown into the Hudson River.
  • Aim for the moving white line when landing. The closer you land to the line, the more bonus points you'll score.
  • You'll earn an airline rank based on your score. Can you achieve the rank of Pilot?

Top Scores

Rank Player Score
1 Goose Busters 6410
2 Turd Bird 4360
3 Duck Dodgers 4190
4 Passenger 57 3610
5 Snakes On A Plane 3450
6 Chicken Brains 3425
7 I can't fly a plane 125