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Drop and give me 20! George W. Bush comes up with a solution to the war in Iraq. Hear George W. Bush spit it to you in this parody of "P.I.M.P." by 50 Cent.


The terrorists have heard about me
And now they complain to Allah over me
And I will crush this insurgency
With a motherf**king D.R.A.F.T.


Now saddam he in the jail and he know that we done it
I'm re-elected. Beat the liberal. That's what Jesus wanted
Despite the deficit and the big old corporate scandals
I had my team of thugs. There ain't nothin' we can't handle.

I got the name. I got the look. They got me re-elected
I thank my boys for all the corporate money they collected.
Yeah the corporate world was dirty, so we gave you Martha.
Then I turned our focus on Saddam just like my father.

We had to go and stop the nucular proliferation
Oops. Don't got dem nukes. How about a sovereign nation?
I know they want they freedoms so I'm gonna bring 'em fastest.
And if I torture terrorists, yo that don't mean I'm fascist.

Don't mind those soldiers over there pullin' double tours.
Still in Afghanistan. Yeah, we fightin' double wars.
Look bitch, the second term of my presidency
Could begin with a mother f**kin D.R.A.F.T.


This insurgency
Is really gettin to me
We will train Iraqis
For their military

But if they fail to be
Enough to keep the peace, see
We gon' fill they country
With a D.R.A.F.T.

Check out this Iraqi
He happy to see me
Did I mention they free?
And you all can thank me

You might disagree
Not want to fight for me
But here's your M-16
For the D.R.A.F.T.

Yo we can threaten Syria and we can beat 'em too.
If you're 18 to 25 we might be callin you.
Iran and North Korea, if you want a dirty war
We got a whole new crop of soldiers up to 34.

And there's no way a cowboy like myself will be withdrawin'
So listen to me while I tell 'em all to bring it on
And don't be trying to get out of this sh*t.
I'm your chief, your leader, your president BITCH!


Yeah I might sound dumb but if you're dumb too you probably won't notice...