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For or against the war, at least we all agreed that Saddam was a giant douche. Watch Hussein rap one last time while on trial in Iraq.


(Mr. Hussein, you are on trial for crimes against humanity. What have you to say for yourself?)

It's been a while
But I'm back in style
Practicing denial
For when I stand trial.
Get in single file.
Walk a thousand miles.
Watch me get hostile!
Hussein is walking down the aisle!

Since my capture it has been a couple of years.
Toughest part was finding me a jury of my peers.
It's the biggest court appearance since the Jackson molestation case.
I'm the nation's ace on trial in my vacation place.

Such a big disgrace, my crimes against humanity.
I plead insanity and sue the news over my vanity.
I'll call my family every scammin' lawyer man'll be
plannin' on on crammin' into my land
to cross examine me.

My atrocities decreed with animosity
And you all can see it free broadcast on your T.V.
People come together from Irani to Kuwaiti.
Some may hate each other but everybody hates me!

Those who deceived
And those who believed
I had a bomb...
Everybody hates Saddam.

The left and the right
Finally unite
And sing along.
Everybody hates Saddam.

Alright stop. Interrogate. I'll listen.
But this government is an American invention.
I'm the ruler of Iraq. There's no way I would retire.
Hussein? I'm sayin'! Who's sayin' I'm a liar?

Droppin' rhymes like Johnnie Cochran did to win O.J.'s exoneration
I won't hesitate. Obliterating all your litigation.
It's your expectation to bring me to my termination
With my fabrications I'll refute all of your accusations.

The whole situation with the Kurdish genocide will surely be denied.
Holla Middle East Side!
Like Little Miss Muffet the Kurds were in my way
As for Chemical Ali, well he must have had a bad day.

I don't give a Shi'ite that the Shias implicate me.
And mass graves and crime waves incriminate me.
The tribunal has sent for me.
The hangman's rope is meant for me.
Forget about O.J. this is the trial of the century!

[chorus] I am a dic-
tator so sick I had to run.
Everybody hates Saddam.

Whether the fight
Was wrong or right
Soon I'll be gone.
Everybody hates Saddam.

Save the drama for Osama
He's the bomber on the llama.

(Mr. hussein, please stop dancing.)

I can't keep from rhymin'
In the land I did my crime in.

(Order! Order in the court!)


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