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When gas prices are on the rise, most of us could use a laugh. This follow-up to "I Can't Afford My Gasoline" could do the trick.


The price of gas
Keeps getting higher but I still drive an S.U.V.
It costs me more
To fill my tank than to pay labor to push for me.

To make it last,
I coast down hills until traffic makes me hit my brake.
Too bad that your
Apartment's out of my way. Go find a bus to take.

Commute to work through the traffic jams and cars polluting.
Going broke on gasoline.
Spend my whole paycheck to buy more gas for my commuting.

Industrialization, price gauging, and high taxation.
Think I'll try telecommuting or taking public transportation.

To save some pennies I watch the prices like a hawk.
Going broke on gasoline.
If things keep going this way, I'm gonna have to walk.

Now where do I stick the corn?