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Michael Jackson was facing charges... again. Hear Jacko proclaim his innocence in this parody of "The Way You Make Me Feel".


Hey little Billy with the high tops on
Check out this nudie mag but please don't tell your mom

Let's have a party at Neverland
Pay no attention to where I put my gloved hand.

The trains and animals and rides are free
Come ride my ferris wheel where nobody can see

Now drink some more of this jesus juice
And come to bed with me

I never copped a feel
(he never copped a feel)
Or touched a little boy
(or touched your little boy)
I don't molest little kids now baby... hoo!
(he won't molest your kids)
It doesn't bring me joy
(it doesn't bring him joy)


These allegations are dirty lies
I'd never lay a hand on those little guys

We slept together platonically
Ain't that what grown ups do?

[repeat chorus]