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In the sequel to The Real Hussein, Saddam is back for more. This time, he's rapping to a parody of Eminem's "Without Me". Iraq will be so empty without him.


Guess who's back
Back again
Real Hussein
Iím not dead
Guess who's back
From Iraq
Got attacked
Then got jacked
Itís a fact
Iím the mack
And Iím back

I wish I were Osama Ďcause nobody's after Bin Laden no more,
Although he was the real villain.
He's in Afghanistan up in a cave chillin',
Cuttin' his videos far from the blood spillin'.

They got my sons and you know that ain't funny
I was forced to hide in a hole like bugs bunny
And I stayed down there until they found my ass
Now I'm held in a prison where they pound my ass

For 24 years I ruled with class
And when someone was out of line I used the gas
And now theyíve slapped me with incarceration
Where is my Minister of Information?

Now the CIA won't let me play
The US of A has me locked away.
But still in Abu Ghraib they do it Hussein's way
I saw the photos on the Internet yesterday.

Well they fought me. Everybodyís glad they caught me.
For the 100 billion bucks they spent, they could have bought me.
Whereís the judge? I plead not guilty.
It was all a body double of your favírite Iraqi

Now Iím stuck in captivity
I wasn't even the real enemy
Nine eleven was not tied to me
And I never even made a WMD.
Osama Bin Laden's free.
But they sent an army after me.
Despite my gross iniquity
Iraq will be so empty without me.

Al Qaeda, the U.S.A. hater
Madder than eskimo at the equator
Bush thought getting rid of ME would faze ya
And so he turned my summer palace into a crater

Osama, you can go mount a llama.
Thereís nothing else on TV but your drama
It's all over. Theyíre too strong. My beard is too long.
Somebody get my Norleco!

And I know. If you didnít mess with the U.S.
I could still be in power, wearing my headdress.
You attacked. And just look whatís happened to Iraq.
By the way, Castro called. He wants his beard back.

Sometimes it just seems,
Everybody only wants to depose me.
Well excuse me for imposing,
But maybe I could just go free.

So in retrospect I was incorrect
Why did I object when Hans would inspect?
As I ruled unchecked I showed disrespect
What did you expect? Nobody's perfect.

So come on George, Donald, Condi, and Dick
Nobody runs Iraq like Saddam Hussein did.
So get ready, and tell the 911 commission
I just hired Johnny Cochran, F**k this prison.


[voice spoken]
Whoís your Baghdaddy?
Iím off the hizzle for shizzle

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