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Hear Britney tell her life story through 2005 in this parody of her greatest hits.


My baby baby
My baby baby

When I was little, I starred in that T.V. show
With Justin and Christina.
I stayed a virgin and let everybody know.
I sold out my arenas.
Justin and me got to thrustin',
Then I dumped him
But that's another story...

Then I went crazy.
Me and Madonna smooched.
Then Jason Alexander (not that Seinfeld dude)
And I got married.
Annulled it in no time.
That's when I hooked up with Kevin Federline.

Oops! Got married again.
I did it for sex.
He had kids with his ex.
I didn't care.
The paparazzi were bad.
Oh they got me so maaaaad.
That's when the gossip started.

In the morning, she throws up.
And she won't touch booze and she won't smoke cigarettes.
Her hair color is back to natural brown.
The pregnancy rumor's all around.

'Was I preggers or what?', they had to know.
Did he knock me up? That's his M.O.
Does my butt look fat? Did my boobies grow?
Kevin, what did you do?
Can't you see that I'm pregnant?
All the rumors were true. Can't believe that...

I'm pregnant.
Soon you all will see
I'm pregnant.
All the history.
I'm pregnant.
Kev and I will be
I'm pregnant.
Reality T.V.

Just like Newlyweds with Jess and Nick,
We'll sit around and eat tuna fish,
Throw around money till it makes you sick,
We'll show the world what makes us tick.
And while everybody's watching that,
I'll have time to get nice and fat.
Build up a tolerance for yucky smells,
And all the paparazzi can go...

But I digress.
I'm getting depressed.
I feel like a cow,
And my shoes don't fit me now,
But my man is here,
And we'll be just fine,
Me and Kevin Federline.

My baby baby