Global warming is threatening the North Pole and the planet. Santa's elf is in despair and sings a little Christmas song about it.



As Santa's elf, I often ask myself,
As I choke back my emotion
Why did Santa decide to build the place I reside
On the top of the Arctic Ocean?

There's no land below, only ice and snow
And there's less and less of that every day
With this global warming and where I am dorming
I'll be lucky to see Christmas Day.

The North Pole is melting
And the waters will rise.
We keep polluting the skies
So this should be no surprise.

The North Pole is melting
And Santa's going green.
And he's proud to say, that Santa's sleigh
Never burned a drop of gasoline.

We're in a muddle. Poor Frosty's a puddle.
Mother Earth needs us to save her.
Now you've got the jist. Make sure your Christmas list,
Is written on recycled paper.

We will all feel down if rudolph drowns.
Santa Claus might not be able to cope.
Because of our behavior, he needs a savior,
"Help me Al Gore. You're my only hope."

The North Pole is melting.
The situation is grim.
The ice is getting real thin.
I don't think Santa can swim.

The North Pole is Melting.
And our consumption's to blame.
So recycle and save, reduce, reuse, and behave.
You can save yourself and give a hoot for an elf.
Spread some Christmas cheer. No one gets COAL this year.
Conservation doesn't have to be lame.
Conservation doesn't have to be lame.