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Had enough of award shows and celebrity culture taking over your TV? Laugh it off with this musical jab at Hollywood.


Cast - spoiled actress, angry guy

I'm so in style,
As you can see.
You wish that you,
Could look like me.

Versace dress.
Manolo heels.
You'll never know
How good this feels.

My Louis purse,
Three-hour hair,
And all the bling,
That I can wear...

Turn on your TVs 'cause I'm quite a sight.
I'm on the red carpet tonight!

I could care less who all the stars are wearing,
So I bite my lip to stop from swearing,
At the spoiled actress dressed so daring,
In her see-through top but I can't keep from staring at her

Nipped and tucked and phony smile,
While the fashionistas praise her style.
I would rather have a parasite
Than watch the red carpet tonight!

(they sing together)

It's everywhere.
I still don't care
I hate Hollywood!

I'm a star!
"It's an honor just to be nominated."