A catch-all collection of mini-projects, experiments, and other musings that have caught Tocci's attention.

CTRL+A Pictures

Pictures Hidden Within Pictures

ctrl+a sheep These pictures have other pictures hidden inside them which can be seen by highlighting the picture with your mouse or by hitting CTRL+a on Internet Explorer. (Sorry but this trick is dependent on how IE highlights images and does not work in other browsers.)


So what do you think?

polls Whenever I wonder what TocciOnline visitors might think about something, I make a poll out of it and stick it on the homepage. Over the years I've accumulated quite a few and put them all together on an ajax enabled polls page. Have fun clicking!

Web Code Demos

JavaScript Fun

JavaScript Fun A few JavaScript toys I wrote just for fun. You're more than welcome to use them on your own sites if you're savvy enough to extract the source code on your own.


Noteworthy Quotations

polls When you visit the homepage you may have noticed a random quote at the top which you can click to reveal a new quote. The quotes were collected over the years when I found them amusing or enlightening (well... mostly just amusing). They're all here on the quotes page. It's nothing special but you may find something to make you laugh.


Original MP3s

Bad Picture
U2's "Bad" vs Filter's "Take My Picture"
(192Kbps - 5,740 KB)
Everything Is One Million Miles Away
J. Ralph's "One Million Miles Away" vs Four Tet's "Everything Is Alright". I heard both of these songs for the first time on TV commercials.
(192Kbps - 5,065 KB)
You Could Miss It
This one was the result of playing around with my music software when I first got it. The title clip is from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".
(192Kbps - 4,104 KB)